Daniel has been writing software for over ten years, focusing mainly on web development and server-side programming, and more recently on infrastructure and distributed systems programming as well mobile application development.  


Partner & Director of Technology

Daniel is currently a Partner and the Director of Technology at Stationhead, a platform which allows anyone to host a radio station from their mobile device.  The technology is backed by the major streaming services (Apple Music & Spotify) and allows for real-time, social listening experiences.  Daniel was an original developer of the product and now leads the development team.

The response to Stationhead has been great so far, and has received press in publications such as Tech Crunch , Billboard, Fader, and Music Ally.

You can find Stationhead in the App Store.


Visual Media & Algorithmic Composition

Outside of web development, Daniel has been interested in finding new ways to interact with music through technology and has been exploring audio programming platforms such as Supercollider and MaxMSP.  He uses these tools for composition and sound design, as well as for self-contained multimedia projects.  Stay tuned for more!